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a selection of presets created for my instagram content, best used on photographs taken in harsh sunlight or flash. these presets require an adobe lightroom subscription and must be installed on a desktop for mobile use.

prince preset

prince preset


* Compatible with the latest versions of Lightroom CC Version (Version 2.1.1 - 2018) and Lightroom Classic CC (Version 8.1 -2018). The files are .XMP can cannot be converted to .lrtemplate, so please be aware of which version you have before purchasing! Keep in mind that Lightroom is not a free application, it requires a subscription plan that ranges from $10-$20 a month *

This preset is perfect for those who love a warm and fuzzy vibe and want to emulate it through their product, home, and lifestyle photographs. It will work best in any bright light situation, whether it be a sunny day or a camera flash (what I use), but can be used on almost anything. Please remember that presets are never one and done, and will usually require some tweaking - I recommend adjusting your Exposure or Contrast to start, then making sure your white balance is correct, and finally heading to your HSL/Color sliders to add or reduce color as you like (if you find these presets to be too warm for your taste, bring down some orange saturation or adjust the Temperature)! When sharing on Instagram, make sure to tag me and use #lauracraffeypresets so I can see your beautiful work <3

Purchase includes:

Prince preset - a warm and cozy preset like Mercer, but with muted colors and rich blacks/shadows.

Unfortunately, because these are digital files, I am unable to accept returns/refunds for any reason, including compatibility issues, but I am happy to troubleshoot via email or DM if you have any issues with installation + editing! Thank you for understanding.

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How to Import

Installing these presets can be done in a number of ways, the simplest being through the Develop presets tab in the sidebar or by going through Lightroom Preferences – I’d recommend following this quick tutorial to get them loaded on. For mobile app use, make sure you have Lightroom CC installed on your phone (I believe there is a membership required for this feature) and install the presets to sync to your phone with this tutorial. I find these presets to be easier to use on a Desktop, but they work just the same on mobile. No matter what, the presets must be installed on a desktop for desktop and mobile use.


Some or all presets not showing up at first? Not to worry! Check to make sure on Lightroom Classic CC or Lightroom CC that you have checked the option to “show partially compatible presets,” which is explained here. If the option to does not show up, make sure your application is up to date. I had to update my Lightroom Classic CC to find this feature!